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The features on this page allow you to do very specific searches for whatever you are interested in.
Your can refine your search via [SEARCH TEXT] to find a certan type of product, or products of all types, on a specific topic e.g. Brock, Mustang, Ferrari, race tracks, Engine Building etc.

You can further refine your search via [PRODUCT TYPE] to show you only Books, DVD''s, Models etc on your particular topic e.g. Brock, Models.

Then, via [SEARCH IN] you can decide to search for your chosen word in the actual name of products, or in the description of the product e.g. Brock, Models, [SEARCH IN - TITLE & DESCRIPTION] to find any Model car which has Peter Brock associated with it.
Another example...
You want to find only books (not DVDs, framed prints or models etc.) about, relating to, or containing some information on Mustang (or Formula 1, or Jack Brabham, or whatever your interest is).
So, type MUSTANG in [SEARCH TEXT] then choose ''BOOKS'' from the [PRODUCT TYPE], then choose ''Title & Desc'' from the [SEARCH IN].

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