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Shopping online is easy. This part of our Super Store is where we will teach you how to shop online. I'll show that it's so easy and convenient you'll wonder why you haven't done it before!

In short, just imagine you enter a large department store with a shopping cart, you ask for some help to find the department/s you want, then you wander up and down the aisles browsing the extensive product ranges and place products in your shopping cart. When you're finished, head to the Checkout and pay. Easy.

Shopping online has some huge advantages over the real thing - for a start you don't have to drive 'round and 'round a car park,  get bustled, pull your hair out for lack of service and possibly have your pockets picked, and come back to find your car dented by the car next to you and your car like an oven in the sun (or get drenched in the rain).

But seriously, the best things about shopping online in our Super Store are:

  • MASSIVE RANGE. You have access to a massive product range not available in ANY one retail store.
  • EASY TO SEARCH. this website has a very powerful internal search engine that finds whatever you want, think of it like a retail shop assistant (but one that is actually helpful!). You can ask to see a broad range of products about particular topics or a small range of specific product/s.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Every single book in our Super Store is covered by a 100% no questions asked money back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you do not like your book for whatever reason your purchase price will be refunded in full when the book/s is returned to us (postage paid) within 7 days with your receipt.


I often get asked about the security of online shopping. We use the ANZ Bank to process all purchases our customers make. Every part of your shopping experience and payment transaction is handled in Austraila on the ANZ Bank's own website via their ‘eGate’ facility - you are transeferred onto the ANZ's actual secure website for the transaction, and then returned to us when finished. Thus you are protected by their high standards.

Security of delivery is something I get asked about too. We ship Australia-wide with Australian Air Expresscouriers  (jointly owned by Australia Post and Qantas) and you pay a flat rate of $7.70 for any order no matter how large to any corner of the country, with the exception of prints & frames which are costed differently depending on your location.


There are three easy ways to order.

1. Securely on this website - Shopping on this website is easy and also very secure. If you’ve never bought products on a website don’t worry – it’s just like wandering through a real shop with a trolley, putting the products you want to buy into your trolley, going to the Checkout and paying.

You can place orders on this website by choosing products and adding them to your “Shopping Cart”. When you have finished proceed to the CHECKOUT where the step by step instructions will help you complete your purchase.

2. By Telephone - All orders can be placed via telephone. Prior to making your call please have ready: the product code, product name, your credit card, your delivery details.

Ring 1300 CAR GUY (1300 227 489) during normal business hours.

3. By Post - Cheques or made in Australian dollars A$ and Australia Money Orders are accepted. DO NOT send cheques made in foreign currency as there is a $40 surcharge which applies for these orders.
Send to:
Unit 5 Mirra Business Park,
9 Mirra Court, Bundoora, VIC 3083


If a product you ordered is temporarily out of stock we will place it on Back Order. If you ordered other items which are in stock, we will ship those and charge you for those. But your credit card will not be charged for Back Ordered item/s until it arrives and we ship it to you.


1. Credit Card - MasterCard and Visa card only. Sorry, no American Express nor Diners.

If your all your ordered products are in stock we will immediately bill your credit card upon receipt of your order.

If you have ordered multiple products and part of your order is out stock we will contact you to advise the estimated date of delivery of the remaining product/s. We will charge your credit card for all products shipped, but not for products out of stock.

2. Cheque or Money Order - Australian orders: personal cheques, bank cheques and Money Orders accepted – all made payable to CAR GOODIES.

International orders: IMPORTANT – you must send cheques already purchased in Australian currency, do not accept cheques in the currency of any other country.

3. Cash - Cash is only received in person in our retail showroom. Never send cash by post.

4. Lay Buy - We accept Lay Buys. No surcharges apply. Deposit of 25% at time of order, with 3 more instalments of equal amounts, must be fully paid within 6 months of first installment. NOTE – products cannot be swapped for any other product/s during the life of your Lay Buy. Cancellations incur a penalty of 25% without exception. Refund of any monies owing will be paid via the manner in which you paid your installment/s i.e. credit card, cheque or cash in person in our retail showroom.


All products are levied with the Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax) which is 10%, this is included in all prices shown.


If you have any questions please contact us.

Phone 1300 CAR GUY (1300 227 489)

Or email office@justholdens.com.au

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Ring 1300 CAR GUY (1300 227 489)    Wholesale & Trade Showroom at Unit 5 Mirra Business Park / 9 Mirra Court, Bundoora, VIC, 3083