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This is a Book
Code: MM-JH-B60
Specs: Full colour, 180 pages, huge page size of 24cm wide x 33cm high (9 .5" x 13" high)
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Author: Eric Norton
Source: Motormania
Type: Book
ISBN: 978-0-9805723-0-8
Price: $49.95
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60 Fabulous Years Of Holden Holden, the name that needs no introduction. But it means more than ‘cars’. Since the first model in 1948 Holden has transcended the bounds of being a product or a brand; it is intricately woven into the fabric of Australian society, our culture and the national psyche, and… the lives of millions and millions of Australians – whose family hasn’t owned a Holden!

2008 was the year Holden celebrated 60 years of the best-selling Aussie family car of all time. Indeed few other publishers or authors have such impressive credentials to release a book on this topic - Eric Norton (author) is founder and publisher of the successful JUST HOLDENS magazine. “60 FABULOUS YEARS OF HOLDEN” features every ‘full size’ Holden from the car that started it all, the 48/215, colloquially referred to as the FX, to the current model VE, plus the great nameplates such as the sporty Torana, the mighty Monaro and the high performance Commodores produced by Peter Brock’s HDT operation in the 1980s. What makes this book so special is that, unlike typical motoring books, the journey through the years and models is not a dusty, crusty tome filled with endless statistics.

The story of Holden’s 60 fabulous years is told by the people who know Holden best - passionate Holden owners. More than two-thirds of all models in the book include fascinating stories straight from Holden owners about their love for their Holden. The owners’ stories are funny, humorous, obsessive and sometimes almost unbelievable. The stories are in fact the story of Holden in Australia and indeed of our post war societal progression. The cars are captivating, the owners even more so. Owners of both genders from all age groups tell their stories; a ‘youngster’ in his 20’s with his high performance HSV through to Alf, 83, who wouldn't part with his Commodore for quids. Every aspect of Holden ownership is displayed: pristine, original and unrestored beauties, mildly customised daily-driven cars to the wildest supercharged, chrome-laden, airbrush mural-covered 1970’s street machine ute. It also includes the oldest privately-owned Holden with an estimated value exceeding $1million. Each model is featured, most in glorious studio photography, interspersed with rare or never-before-seen photos from Holden’s photographic vaults, access to which is for the precious few. Also included are all the facts, figures and statistics required by hardcore devotees.

There are special inclusions on Monaros, Toranas and Brock Commodores and some of Holden’s specially constructed, hand-built show and concept cars that have dropped jaws at Australia’s biggest motor shows. It also includes a look at Holden’s amazing motorsport history with special photos of its favourite son, Peter Brock. Beautiful photography? Fascinating stories? Statistics? A genuine reference source for the enthusiast? Amazing official historical photos? "60 FABULOUS YEARS OF HOLDEN" has got the lot and will appeal to the widest possible readership.

With interest in classics and musclecars at an all time high, and, with every Australian family having had a Holden at some point, "60 FABULOUS YEARS OF HOLDEN" is sure to be a big seller and will appeal to all age groups, both genders. Not just for hardcore car enthusiasts it is a great read that every Aussie can relate to. With an impressive extra large page size and FULL COLOUR it is visually beautiful and wonderfully nostalgic.

Remember our discounted 'flat rate delivery' of just $7.95 Australia-wide for your entire order, an unlimited amount of products (except for model cars).
So, why not add more to this order and save $$$$ on delivery!


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