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This is a Book
Code: 9780760335963
Specs: Paperback, 160p
Source: CarpricornMBI
Type: Book
ISBN: 9780760335963
Price: $34.99
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MOTOCROSS & OFF-ROAD MOTORCYCLE SETUP GUIDE To keep your dirt bike in play, yoursquo;ve got to know the basics--the fundamental how-tos of maintenance, modification, and setup.nbsp; This handy, user-friendly guide supplies you with these fundamentals--and spares you the bloodied knuckles of the trial-and-error approach.nbsp; In a series of step-by-step photo sessions and to-the-point chapters, the guide covers the basic tasks and setup challenges that confront all dirt bike owners, no matter the make or model.nbsp; Whether you want to change a tire or lubricate a cable on a 4-stroke race bike, or to replace a chain or set up suspension components on a ten-year-old 2-stroke play bike,The Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycle Setup Guideprovides the information yoursquo;ll need, in an easy-to-follow form.nbsp; It is the essential tool for anyone who rides in the dirt.

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