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This is a Book
Code: 9780760312391
Specs: Format: Softbound Pages: 160 Length: 10.5w x 8.5h
Author: Ray Ryan
Source: CarpricornMBI
Type: Book
ISBN: 9780760312391
Price: $49.95
Dispatched within 3 days

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Motocross Racers: 30 Years of Championship Dirt Bikes   Subtitled: 30 Years of Championship Dirt Bikes. "We cant imagine any dirt biker...not wanting to own this book after flipping through it one time. Its that good." Trail Rider Magazine. Off-road motorcycling is on the rise. Sales are up, motocross gates are filling with riders, and new manufacturers are dotting the motocross landscape, with Cannondale being the most notable of a group that also includes expensive, exotic bikes by Gas Gas, Vertemati, and TM. In addition, the new four-strokes are making waves among the sports participants, and the X Games are bringing the sport even further into the mainstream. Paperback, 10-5/8" x 8-1/2", 160 pp, 150 color, 50 b/w. The first book available on the subject. Awesome mix of fresh and archival photography. Author is the editor of VMX, the premier magazine for vintage motocross fans. This is an inspiring tribute to a long-time American favorite that continues to elevate in popularity and exposure.

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