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This is a DVD
Code: EBM
Type: DVD
Price: $33.00
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EXTEME BIKE MADNESS This isn't just the world's best bikes being ridden to the max, it's mental, eleven-tenths, foot peg-grinding, hilarious, knee-slider destroying, breathtaking riding that is extreme in every sense!  On a serious level, you can judge the relative performance of the latest 2001 super-twins Ducati 996R, Aprilia Mille R and Honda SP1 and catch the Suzuki GSX-R and Honda Fireblade head-to-head. Plus see if the latest sports tourers deserve the use of the word 'sports' and pay a visit to the Kenny Roberts Training Camp in Barcelona to learn how GP aces like Alex Criville make power sliding look so easy. And along the way you’ll see: - * wheelying at up to 140mph!* some hair raising crashes* full on road testing of power boards, go-peds and powered roller blades!* on-bike footage that'll take your breath away - like the Paris Periphique action!* perfect 360-degree and figure of eight donuts, static and rolling burnouts and stoppies galore

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