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Product Details
Manufacturer: Motormania
Code: MM-JH27
Type: Magazine
Specs: 100 pages. Full colour
Foreward: The only magazine for ALL Holden enthusiasts!
Price: $7.92
Dispatched within 3 days

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JUST HOLDENS Issue 27 HX LE ANNIVERSARY & MANUFACTURING GM-H HISTORY ISSUE The most comprehensive feature story on how the HX LE, the last of the great muscle coupes, was conceived and created with an interview from its creator, head of Holden design, Leo Pruneau - plus photos from America of the Ferrari-inspired Pontiac Firebird which was instrumental in the LE's styling.

JUST HOLDENS is the only magazine specifically for all classic Holden & musclecar enthusiasts, celebrating the glory years from 1948 to 1978 – always with something for everyone. There's no other magazine like it.

• SPECIAL AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURING EDITION! A long retrospective of what we made and how we made it with the actual speech by GM-H boss Mike Devereaux plus many insightful stories and unseen GM-H photos from within their factories •

A centre-spread poster of an actual, genuine, GM-H poster of the mighty HT GTS 350 MONARO

• THE BEST XU-1 EVER MADE! That's how former HDT mechanic and legend Ian Tate described this XU-1 which should have won Bathurst 1973 - but for an empty fuel tank • Family memories of glorious FJ times and holidays - read this story - its sure to bring memories flooding back

• HQ ONE TONNER SECRETS. The One Tonner's front could hardly be described as beautiful - and it was fully intentional. Holden's design boss Leo Pruneau told us exclusively how the Managing Director instructed it to look like a truck! And much more, very interesting! • Family memories of glorious FJ times and holidays - read this story - its sure to bring memories flooding back

> Packed with 100 pages of huge variety. It’s the ONLY magazine for all Holden enthusiasts! In Newsagents Australia-wide and New Zealand too!

FREE POSTAGE IN OZ. NOTE: $7.92 price of the magazine is discounted from the amount shown on the front cover of $9.80 - this is to allow for $1.88 processing charge that is automatically added at Checkout. So the total price you pay for the magazine posted to you is $9.80.-This is the price that is shown on the front cover and the price charged by newsagents.

> There is no other mag like JUST HOLDENS! Click the little blue triangle arrowhead - scroll to see LOTS more pics of what's in JUST HOLDENS! > > >


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