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Product Details
Manufacturer: Jeebsters
Code: J147_Golden Fleece Dogbone (Ram) Rusted
Type: Poster or Sign
Specs: LARGE SIZE 20inches(50cms) x 14inches(35cms)
Price: $34.00
Dispatched within 3 days

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Golden Fleece Dogbone (Ram) Rusted Tin sign This will add a great feel of nostalgia and the classic days of Motoring to any wall it is displayed on.

This beautiful Golden Fleece sign has been made to look old with just a hint of rust around the edges

These tins signs are very high quality, the colour reproduction is excellent and will ensure it makes a real statement for your love of Motoring.

Ideal for every garage, office or study wall.

Comes pre-drilled with small holes in each corner for easy fixing.

larger size, at 20 inches [50cms] x 14inches [35cms]

Why not buy a few? You will save money with our flat-rate delivery of just $7.95 for any quantity!

Pictures below are deliberately low quality so they download quicker for your viewing - the ACTUAL tin signs are very high quality and superb. We back these with a money-back guarantee - a full refund if you're not happy!


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